February 10, 2010

One way to Phnom Penh, please

February 10 seems as good a day as any to write my first post. No, in fact it's the perfect day because today I bought my one-way ticket to Phnom Penh. While I physically sit at my desk in the Bulletin office, my mind has already left the building, city and country, hurrying away from the museum continent towards a 
monsoon future.
As of April 12 (incidentally also my birthday), The Man and I will drive rusty dirt bikes instead of a Polo, swap our squishy Ikea mattress for hammocks and go back to basics. And although we can't save humanity, we hope to at least make a teeny tiny difference to some people's lives out there. And of course to 

our own.
For now though, I better finish off this review about Brussels' latest design hotel. My mind might already have left the building but the paycheck still lives within these orange-coloured corporate walls.
Cambodia, hear me roar. The ram's coming.

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New work place as of April 2010: